Cliff Keys has joined Darnell Group as European associate publisher. In his new capacity, he will be responsible for increasing the European market presence of Darnell’s numerous media properties including the company’s daily news services, PowerPulseDaily (email),, and SmartGridElectronicsDaily (email), and the associated conferences and forums such as Darnell’s Power Forum, Darnell’s Power China, DC Building Power Asia, and the Smart Grid Electronics Forum.

“We are excited to be adding Cliff to the Darnell team,” stated Jeff Shepard, Publisher and President. “With Cliff’s strong background in engineering as well as press and agency communications, we look forward to working with him to bringing increased value and innovation to our media clients in Europe.”

Cliff Keys is on a mission to expand Darnell's presence in Europe

“From a technical communications perspective, I’ve long appreciated the quality of the Darnell Group’s work and the depths of their market insights, said Cliff. I’m delighted to be joining the excellent Darnell team, and especially at the prospect of making a considerable contribution to the success of Darnell and adding value to both the company and its clients,” he added.

Most-recently, Cliff served as editor-in-chief with Power Systems Design magazine (PSD) in Europe and North America. While at PSD, he was responsible for article writing and editing, face-to-face interviews, company visits and reporting, telephone and video interviews for company and publication websites and trade fair coverage in Europe and North America. Prior to that, he spent 20 years in marketing and communications roles with National Semiconductor, Hitachi Electronics Components (now Renesas) and Texas Instruments.

Darnell Group provides information covering the full spectrum of power electronics, energy storage and generation. The company specializes in the economic/business analysis of emerging power markets and technologies. Darnell also focuses on the production of global daily news services and related conferences and forums.