DesignCon 2015 will be taking place on the 27-30th January 2015 at the Santa Clara Convention Centre but the call for papers, panels and tutorials closes on the 11th July, so it’s time to get writing.

DesignCon 2015

DesignCon offers a four day conference for the chip, board and design engineering community.  With this in mind, DesignCon is asking for submissions in the following categories:

  1. Optimise Chip-Level Designs for Signal and Power Integrity
  2. Overcome Analog and Mixed-Signal Modeling and Simulation Challenges
  3. Wireless and Photonic Integration
  4. System Co-Design: Chip/Package/Board: Modeling and Simulation
  5. Characterise PCB Materials and Processing Characterisation
  6. Apply PCB Design Tools
  7. Design Parallel and Memory Interfaces
  8. Optimize High-Speed Serial Design
  9. Detect and Mitigate Jitter, Crosstalk, and Noise
  10. Leverage High-Speed Signal Processing for Equalization and Coding
  11. Ensure Power Integrity in Power Distribution Networks
  12. Achieve Electromagnetic Compatibility and Mitigate Interference
  13. Apply Test and Measurement Methodology
  14. Ensure Signal Integrity with RF/Microwave/EM Analysis Techniques

Submit your proposals here.