Robert Fleming, CEO Young stylish businessmanand Founder of the eMarketing Association, the world’s largest marketing association recently laid out the 2015 digital marketing trends in eMarketing in his LinkedIn blog.

No revelation to us here but many might be surprised to know that content marketing strategies are being executed in nearly 50% of companies and the upward trend will no doubt continue.

What is surprising to some is that SEO is far from being dead (to use the cliche of this decade). How you achieve higher rankings has certainly changed but the potential rewards you can get through relevant, helpful content are greater than ever before.

But it’s not all organic,  seventy six percent of PPC marketers plan to increase their Pay-Per-Click advertising budget in 2015. Be it for Google, You Tube, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook the choices are vast and require content and strategy that reflects your customers’ behaviors and preferences.

In the end the best results all stem from great content marketing that attracts, engages and converts!

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