Recently a client asked us how they could remove certain old stories for a certain search term that were no longer relevant but still ranked well on Google. It is relatively straightforward, if not long winded, to create new content and place it around the technical outlets and web, then social bookmark it, add a few new images and videos on the appropriate sites, like YouTube and Flickr and start to see results. However, my mind went back to a story from a few years ago when Intel launched a new processor codenamed Penryn. Penryn is a lovely little Cornish town that was rated nicely on search engines, until that is, it vanished off the radar by the buzz created by Intel. The UK’sDaily Telegraph covered the story nicely. There are similar stories that occasionally surface, but the moral of the story is that you have to have as much high quality content scattered in appropriate outlets as hopefully these things are rare. Let’s just hope that the future of your company wasn’t based on your new product that you decided to call iPad in a moment of madness!