It feels like digital magazines have been around forever, we have all got used to clicking on a little arrow somewhere on our screens to tun a page, or awkwardly manoeuvring the mouse to try and recreate a ‘realistic’ page turn.  It seems the electronics industry trade press in Europe has been resisting a move to digital, or at the very least the combination of print and digital.   Since our blog post in February, “Are electronics B2B publishers ready for the mobile revolution?“, very little has changed.

EDN’s tablet edition

EDN TabletHowever, there have been some developments. EDN has become one of the first of the electronics engineering titles to launch a tablet edition of the magazine.  The tablet edition is not just a rehash of the digital edition on a different format, instead it has been specifically developed to allow engineers to access a library of articles and product information, as well as providing access to an online community where they can chat to each other.  The possibilities for B2B electronics marketeers are endless: videos, forum discussions, articles and more, all of which a reader can interact with in a different way.

They may be one of the first, but with a new generation of engineers on their way, EDN won’t be the last.