When UBM sold EE Times Europe to European Business Press earlier this year, the deal included a licensing agreement whereby the European publication could use content from its US counterpart. However, since UBM acquired Canon Communications, it is now also licensing content to EDN Europe, a direct competitor to EE Times Europe, albeit an online one these days. Rumours were flying around at Electronica that this puts UBM in breach of its agreement with European Business Press, headed by André Rousselot. EE Times Group CEO, Paul Miller, told us, “Neither EDN Europe or EET Europe belong to UBM, although both have licenses for the use of brand and content. One answer is to keep it this way for now and work through any issues…in my mind, this is not a big deal.” We don’t know if André Rouselot agrees with him. We had no reply to an email asking for his views on the matter.