Paul Miller, CEO of UBM Tech, is recruiting replacements for EE Times’ European news director Peter Clarke and west coast US editor Dylan McGrath. He told us that the European news role will not necessarily be filled by someone based in Europe.

Miller is recruiting again at EE Times

Paul Miller is recruiting again at EE Times

Peter is leaving EE Times soon and Dylan has joined IHS’ Electronics360, the “publication for decision makers across the electronics value chain” as managing editor.

“Dylan will play a leadership role at Electronic360, helping to shape the editorial mission and areas of coverage as the publication evolves to become the pre-eminent source for news, analysis and insight for the electronics value chain,” said Bruce Rayner, senior manager, thought leadership, editorial director, of Electronics360. (Who dreams up these job titles!)

It will be interesting to see if any previous employees of UBM Tech are tempted back into the EE Times fold or if fresh faces will come into B2B electronics journalism.