You heard the buzz here in March 2010, and now it is official, this month Electronic Buyer’s News has returned as an online publication, EBN www.ebnonline.comEE Times Group CEO Paul Miller indicated in March that supply chain issues have become more prevalent with electronic design engineers, hence the re-launch of the publication.  EBN debuted 30 years ago and at that time its focus was to help answer the questions of how the electronics industry should organize, manage its supply chain, and navigate its boom-and-bust cycles.  The focus of the re-launch of EBN’s is: “to create a community where electronics professionals can develop, generate, and sustain ideas that lead to the attainment of a smoother, more responsive, and less turbulent supply chain environment”.  EBN offers blogs, opinions, and comments on events and developments within the industry, providing readers with tools to make decisions about supply chain management.  EBN’s editorial team is led by Editor in Chief Bolaji Ojo and Community Editor Barbara Jorgensen, two veterans of the electronics industry.