Pan-European electronics site, Electronic Specifier, started as a web site for new electronic products, offering opportunities for mailing list hire and e-newsletter advertising. The publisher launched an English-language digital magazine in January 2010, and a French version in February 2010. Then electronicengineeringjobs.euappeared in May. In March 2010, Electronic Specifier Design will appear for the first time, with a focus on design articles, as the title suggests. The publisher now claims market leadership for publications of this type in Europe, with an average of 272,000 page views per month from January to September 2010, and citing EE Times Europe, EPN and EDN Europe as competitors. The relative leadership with respect to page views is confirmed by checking out the numbers at, although the total number of views is somewhat lower than claimed. However, some of the other sites seem to have significantly more visitors. Whatever the reasons for the anomaly, beats them all. It’s published from the UK, but only offers advertisers a website advertising option because the founder refuses to allow his readers to be hit with e-mail marketing material. A Google analysis appears to be contradict Electronic Specifier’s claim to leadership in page impressions. According to Google, now has 340,00 page impressions per month versus Electronic Specifier’s 150,000. The different ways in which site statistics are measured, and the lack of information regarding visitor quality, rather than quantity, still makes worthwhile comparisons of web sites challenging. Perhaps the easiest solution is just to follow Digi-key. It’s a company that seems to know what it’s doing online and the site now has 1.6 million visitors per month (based on estimated cookies), although most of these will be to place orders, rather than read about technology, so perhaps that’s yet another unfair comparison.