Following on from the  inaugural IoT Design 2015, Electronics Weekly has announced the launch of a dedicated website for the IoT Design 2016 conference which will be held on September 15th at London’s The Code Node.

The IoT Design Conference 2016 will present real-world examples of how embedded hardware running secure software can transform new and existing applications into IoT applications.

Many conferences address the IoT concept from the point of view of IT strategy, business potential and consumer acceptance. However, the IoT Design 2016 conference aims to go deeper and inform design engineers and technical managers about how companies are applying to devices, nodes and systems applications for IoT technologies.

Keysight Technologies has been confirmed as headline sponsor for the event and there are still other partnership opportunities available.

The venue, The Code Node, was purposely built and configured with tech events in mind, and is located in the heart of the City of London with excellent transport links.

For more information on IoT Design 2016, please visit the website.