The new Electropages iPad app; ‘ Electronics News’ is now available as a free download from the Apple iTunes store.

The app allows users to quickly get information about the latest industry product releases from leading manufacturers and distributors, and offers a quick and easy way to purchase products that are in stock and ready to buy, claims the publisher, Craig Dyball.

“It is important for our long-term growth that we maintain our place in the fast-growing global marketplace,” said Craig. “We have effectively created a new facet to our operation which we expect will grow significantly. It is crucial for us to ensure our advertisers are presented with the same potential for new growth too. In particular, we have distributors who deliver to most countries in the world. This new app represents these core component suppliers to engineers and designers who have access to the iPad . It is a value-added service for our advertisers, a new parallel outlet for our main website editorial news content, and a business tool designed to help engineers to do their jobs in an increasingly mobile workplace”.

An Android version of the app is planned for 2012.