Elektronik i Norden, the Swedish electronics newspaper, will disappear in printed form this month. The title, owned and edited by Göte Fagerfjäll and Gunnar Lillieskold, will however continue being published as a web site with complementary e-newsletter. The print edition has run for 20 years and Elektronik i Norden was an early adopter of online publishing – the web site has been going for 15 years.

The penultimate print edition of Elektronik i Norden

The free-subscription e-newsletter already has 10,000 subscribers and Göte expects many more of the 25,000 subscribers to the print edition to migrate to the e-newsletter. Commenting on the change, he said: “The move away from paper is quite a simple one for us. We’ve seen the trend for years and we had plenty of time to prepare. Now the time has come to make the change and we use our experience to develop something even better. We intend to keep our technological focus. News is important, but technical articles and commentaries will continue to have a central position.”