Email newsletters can be a powerful way to stay connected with your clients, help establish you as an authority in your market and keep your business top of mind.

However, there are a number of common mistakes that can seriously undermine your efforts and result in an ineffective campaign. Here are just some of the mistakes that you should avoid.

Treating the subject line as an after-thought. Spend a little time thinking of a compelling subject line for your email. It’s one of the most influential factors as regards the open rate; so don’t waste your efforts writing great content if you’re only going to add something as uninspiring as “November Newsletter”.

Being too wordy. Keep the content of your email concise and to the point. Often, your readers will only spend a few minutes scanning through for anything of interest; so making it easy to digest will increase the chances of engagement.

Providing too many options. Don’t confuse your readers with multiple calls to action. Your email should be focused on one main outcome, such as to encourage a click through to your blog or to download a PDF catalogue. Presenting a variety of different options will only dilute the impact of the email and will be less likely to achieve its goal.

Do you send email newsletters as part of your marketing strategy? Maybe you have some email marketing tips to share?

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