The Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Silicon Valley will be slightly different for exhibitors and journalists when it opens in San Jose on April 26. As the organisers describe it, the Press Office has gone ‘green’.  That is, there will be no paper press packs at ESC.  Instead there is an online press office.

Saying you are going paperless might seem a little like announcing that you have installed mains electricity (you mean you weren’t before?) but exhibitions have remained the last bastion of the paper press release.  Much to the chagrin of visiting editors whose trek around the hall was made slightly more tiring with every piece of news gathered.

Pro-active technology PR agencies have been supplying news digitally to journalists at shows for many years but, where there is a ‘paper’ press office, exhibitors often feel obliged to double up, printing reams of physical material as well.  Now, officially freed of this burden, everybody wins.  Meanwhile, companies can concentrate on how to maximise media coverage success around their exhibition presence.