UBM’s ESC Silicon Valley has announced its 2012 Conference Program.

With product demonstrations, keynotes and hundreds of  training classes, ESC is a conference for the embedded design community to learn, collaborate and recognise excellence.

ESC’s twenty tracks include the following technical session highlights:

Best Practices: S/W and H/W
Best Practices for COM Express® Baseboard Design
Co-engineering Requirements
Costly Mistakes of Real-Time Software Development
Designing for Change
Shop Talk: Driving Engineering Change
SOLID Design for Embedded C
Top 10 Reasons to Use C++ for Embedded DSP
User Interface Technology and Design for Embedded Systems
Linux, Android and Open Source
Enhancing system performance with coprocessor accelerators in an open source framework
Introduction to Computer Vision with OpenCV
Measured benefits from kernel consolidation for ST-Ericsson Snowball
Rationalizing the Platform Perimeter
SD/MMC Command Test Module
Android Certificate Program

The complete 2012 ESC Silicon Valley Program is here.