Sanoma Magazines, the Finnish publisher that recently announced the closure of Prosessori, the country’s main publication aimed at the B2B electronics sector, has revealed details of its new publication, 3T. The first issue of 3T will appear on 13th January 2012.

3T will be published weekly in tabloid format. It will cover local and international technology and business news, and will have a recruitment section. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland (UIL) has subscribed to it on behalf of its members and the launch circulation is expected to be around 60,000. The editor-in-chief has been named as Marko Haikonen and Veijo Ojanperä, previously news editor of Prosessori, will be on the editorial team, presumably bringing his electronics experience to the role.

Marko Haikonen, editor-in-chief of 3T

It seems likely that this new publication will not focus exclusively on electronics but will have a broader editorial platform covering a wide range of technologies, so it will not be a direct replacement for Prosessori. How much it will focus on electronic design remains to be seen.

More information is available here: [email protected]