Publitek has launched LinkFocus, a simple, free LinkedIn tool for B2B technical marketers, particularly those in the electronics industry. It helps you focus your content marketing efforts within LinkedIn by making it quick and easy to analyse over 400 relevant groups. LinkFocus enables you to then successfully match the most important groups to your products and technologies. Group statistics, including membership numbers and activity levels, are constantly updated, enabling you to closely monitor relevant industry conversations. In seconds, you can find out which groups have the most relevant members and how actively the groups are supported.

LinkFocus is completely free, now and always. Here’s a snapshot of the clean, simple interface. If you’d like free access to the tool, please register here.

B2B content marketing LinkedIn

For B2B electronics technical marketing specialists, and those in other highly technical sectors, it is increasingly important to engage with social media, particularly to amplify the reach for you content marketing materials and messages. LinkedIn, sometimes described as “Facebook in a suit and tie”, or “Twitter on best behaviour”, drove more leads to B2B websites than any other site according to ‘The B2B Social Media Book’ by Bodnar and Cohen. Hubspot recently reported that 61% of B2B companies using social media reported having acquired a new customer via LinkedIn. This is greater than any other social media source including the company blog.

LinkedIn not only drives leads but converts leads to customers too. Having a company presence on LinkedIn allows you to create a branded LinkedIn experience for visitors to your company page, but to get the most out of the channel requires more than simply a presence. Engaging with like-minded people sharing a common interest is a powerful way to drive business. With around 2 million LinkedIn groups there a rich seam of industry specific data that can be utilised. Joining these groups and engaging in a level of activity will enable you to nurture leads, and identify industry trends and competition.

LinkFocus is your shortcut to LinkedIn success. Register now.