Brian Fuller has returned to EE Times. His intriguing job title is “Products Strategist” and Brian, who’s working for Patrick Mannion, sent Publitek the  most useful email we’ve ever received from EE Times. If you didn’t get a copy direct, here’s the story.

“We’re in the process of making our EE Times Products coverage and packaging more readable, accessible and useful to our engineering readers, a quarter-million of whom spend quality time at every week. Some of this transformation is behind the scenes; some of it involves your help.

How can you help? Two ways, short-term and medium-term:
1. Short-term: We need your help in building accurate, reliable and timely lists of various products, which are really popular with readers and can drive traffic to your product pages. Here are links to Google forms for three product types we need your help on. If your company makes MCUs, low-dropout regulators, and/or LED drivers, please fill out the appropriate forms and hit submit. It will take just a few minutes of your time.
a. Microcontrollers:
b. Low-dropout regulators:
c. LED drivers:

2. Medium-term: You have some number of “Tier one” or “A-level” product announcements each year. I want to hear about them ahead of time to prepare for more complete coverage that may include video, audio and other elements. You can reach me by email ([email protected]) or by phone (415.947.6244) or on Skype (brian.fuller9). I can’t guarantee we can handle all requests, but we’ll do our best.

How to contact us
Lastly, the most common question I get is “Who can cover my story?” Here’s an updated list (with emails embedded), organized by newsletter or online site but representing our beats. Since I oversee products coverage, please consider me an essential contact point if you have trouble getting a response from someone:

EE Times Products Brian Fuller
Rich Pell
Automotive Anne-Francoise Pele
CommsDesign Carolyn Mathas
EDA DesignLine
Anne-Francoise Pele/Ismini Scouras
Bernie Cole Europe Colin Holland
Embedded Internet Rich Pell
Graphical System Design Carolyn Mathas
Industrial Control Susan Rambo
MCU Colin Holland
Medical Bill Schweber
Memory Susan Rambo
Military & Aerospace Anne-Francoise Pele
Planet Analog Bill Schweber
Power Management Bill Schweber
Programmable Logic Colin Holland
RF & Microwave Bill Schweber
Signal Processing Patrick Mannion
SmartEnergy Patrick Mannion
Test&Measurement Colin Holland”

That’s how it stands this week!

Welcome back, Brian.