Embedded Design, the German B2B magazine and web site specialising in boards, software and all things for developers of embedded electronics and systems, is relaunching with a new name – IoT Design.

Recognising that the Internet of Things is becoming increasingly important to a large proportion of new embedded products, the publisher, TeDo Verlag, has taken the step to expand its remit to cover the broader topics that IoT brings into play. This includes not just the Cloud elements of IoT systems but also the wider range of industries and applications at which new embedded devices will be targeted.

Commenting on the spread of internet-connected embedded devices and change of name, editor Clara Josuttis said: “To represent this development in the title of our magazine, Embedded Design is now becoming IoT Design. We will be addressing professionals who are involved in the technical implementation of IoT products and projects in their companies, regardless of a specific industry and whether they are faced with the task of expanding existing IT systems according to IoT ideas or developing entirely new products for the IoT.”

The first issue of IoT Design will be published on 27 September 2017, replacing issue 5/2017 of Embedded Design. The first newsletter will be published on 9 October.