Coffe with the newspaper

The Deutsche Fachpresse (German Association of Business Media) market turnover 2014 study for the trade and business press showed German trade media earnings up by 1.3% to around 3.25 billion Euro in 2014.DeutscheFachpresse

Although the annual revenue for all German trade press has risen compared to 2013 it slowed down from a growth rate of 3.1%. Additional services, in particular, suffered a 7.8% loss compared to a growth of 14.7 % during the previous year.

The larger part of the 43 million Euro growth results from digital media distribution sales of 36 million Euro. Also not surprising is the growth of digital media advertising by 8 million Euro, a trend that is expected to continue in 2015.

Despite the distribution revenue growth of printed press of 22 million Euro, we see the reduction of print ad revenue by 20 million Euro. Ad revenue between 2009 and 2014 has fluctuated between 852 and 889 million Euro, with the real drop (from 1031 million total revenue) occurring in 2009. Looking at these numbers it would seem that there is neither a trend for the further decline of print ad sales nor an excessive growth. What it does prove, however, is that Germany is still an important market for print ads as well as for digital advertising and media offerings.

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