As a key analytics tool for many businesses & marketers, it’s always worth paying attention to the latest stats from Google Analytics.

And for the first time, Google has released analytics data collected over the last two years from hundreds of thousands of websites who opted in to share this information anonymously.

The findings reveal some interesting trends, most notably about the correlation between bounce rates, page visits and time on site:

Page visits & bounce rates down

Overall, sites have seen a reduction in pages visited by 0.4% and time on site by -0:26, but curiously they’ve also seen a decline in bounce rates of 1.2%.

Geographically, UK sites had a bounce rate of 41.5%, comparable to the US but significantly lower than sites from Europe and Asia.

Though the margins are small, is this an indication that sites are distilling their content more effectively and proving to be more ‘sticky’, yet in doing so requiring users to spend a shorter time on-site in order to find key information?

Or perhaps more users are now being referred through from social networks or blogs with a specific purpose and/or destination?

Equally, Google is improving its ability to serve up more relevant results in the SERPs, highlighting the importance to businesses of providing targeted content on each page of their site.

It’s hard to know for sure, but it will be interesting to see how and if the trend continues when the next round of data is released in the future.

Do you use Google Analytics? Do these findings reflect your experience? Let us know what you think…