While reading a quality daily newspaper a few days ago my eyes fell on this.


It was on the main comment and opinion page and occupied an area 6cm by 7cm within a column of otherwise white space. This isn’t just a literal error; it’s a howler.

The Guardian (we can name names because, with an average daily circulation of 230,000 copies, this is hardly secret) playfully self references its reputation for spelling mistakes and minor factual inaccuracies by running a regular corrections section. But it has the advantage of an established reputation and being a successful media outlet with many loyal – and forgiving – supporters. Most organisations are not so fortunate and cannot afford to make blatant errors in the media.

Which brings me to my point. Pinnacle, like most technology PR agencies, spends a lot of time developing strategy, coming up with creative ideas and analysing how best to communicate with our clients’ target markets. What we, perhaps, don’t highlight enough is our ability to execute consistently, even though this is the linchpin of any social media or traditional PR campaign.

One error or broken promise can destroy trust and result in the loss of a reputation that has taken years to build. This has always been the case with journalists; recently extended to bloggers; and now, thanks to social media, one unhappy customer can share his or her complaint with the whole world before a company has a chance to address it.

Which is why attention to detail remains as important in corporate communications as it ever was.