Publitek’s parent company Next 15 is proud to count many of the world’s top businesses amongst its customers. In July and August 2021, we reached out to our clients and via LinkedIn networks, to explore what growth truly means to them in the new world order. 250 responded, ranging from Marketing Managers to CFOs and CEOs.

Through their responses, we see how growth is now about much more than mere financial results. We uncover tensions between senior- and junior-level employees on what growth should mean, and how it is lived within businesses. And, perhaps most importantly, we see how for a significant number, growth in diversity, sustainability, and employee wellbeing are all being placed front and centre in post-pandemic ethical growth strategies.

Finally, we believe in practicing what you preach. So, throughout the report, we have included commentary from senior leaders within Next 15 explaining what we are doing, and how we are approaching business growth.

We trust that you will find this report informative – maybe even inspiring – in considering what growth means to you and your business.