Hearst Electronics Group is about to unveil the 2011 Supplier Interface Study to the U.S. market. The study, now in its sixth year, examines how engineers engage with suppliers throughout the product development cycle. Distributors are ranked “Best in Class” in 13 areas, ranging from broadest range of products and level of design services to website functionality and education support.

Highlights from this year’s study include:

• Age demographics and what information EEs want and use the most.

• How EEs want to receive this vital information.

• What percentage of design-engineering products are outsourced and where.

• An un-aided brand awareness assessment of authorized distributors.

• The value EEs place on social media.

Parties interested in a seeing the presentation during EDS should contact Steve Cholas, Worldwide Group Publisher at [email protected] or +1 760 564 0500 (O) or +1 949 413 1732 (C) to schedule a presentation.