While search engines are a key part of the modern marcoms mix they’re not quite up to advising on how to get the best return from your budget – well not yet anyway! The fact is that maximising your marcom ROI gets harder with each passing year. From brochures and web based content to social networking and twitter, and from industry Blogs and video to SEO, the number of ways to engage with your target audience grows all the time.

Taking all the activities and blending them into a mix that works best requires specialist skills that are difficult to find. So why not have a chat with one of the Pinnacle team at the Elektra Awards or just call us on +447894 966307 – ask “the” question and you could win a Silverstone Ferrari experience. If you are reading this after the awards the prize still applies.  Just ask the question by calling +447894 966307 or drop an email to [email protected].

Pinnacle is Europe’s largest specialist agency for the electronics industry with a team of technically qualified engineers and ex-journalists. What’s more, our proven content generation capabilities significantly simplify the task of creating materials ranging from technical articles and white papers to Blogs, comments and search engine-optimised web text.