The challenge of capturing customer-attention is getting bigger

The challenge of capturing customer-attention is getting bigger

The cost of commanding customer attention using mass-media advertising has risen a staggering seven- to nine- fold in real terms over the past 25 years.

This figure, calculated by Thales Teixeira of Harvard Business School, correlates strongly with the demand for customer attention, has far-outpaced supply – which almost by definition can only grow in line with population growth.

This coincides with a perfect storm of tools that have enabled customers to avoid advertisements. Ad blockers for web browsers are being rolled out at pace. DVR players that enable viewers to fast-forward through advertisement breaks are commonplace. In addition, smartphones and tablets enable people to shift their attention to a second screen whenever they so choose.

Even YouTube is now offering a subscription service that removes the ads from in front of video clips.

So with so many ways of avoiding adverts, how can today’s marketers capture and retain attention?

How can you ensure you win the hearts, minds (and wallets) of customers in the moments that matter?

To start with, you need to know how your brand can ensure it provides help and guidance in the moments that matter to your customers as they travel along their own sales journey.

Start by asking yourself and your team these questions:

  • What do customers want to learn about your category, products, or services?
  • When it comes to content creation, do you have content that answers their questions?
  • Is that content easy for them to find and access?
  • Are you able to help customers find in-stock inventory?
  • What are consumers doing with your product or service? Do you have “how-to” video content to support their efforts?
  • Where are customers buying your products? And how can you support them at the point of purchase?
  • And, of course, do you know what platforms – in terms of both software and hardware – that your customers and prospects are using to look for information in the first place

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