In a recent blog post we looked at YouTube’s new advertising opportunities and how you can advertise against competitors and keywords, just as you can with Adwords. The problem for a lot of people, however, is camera shyness or “oh, I don’t like the sound of my own voice” (happens a lot more than you might think!)

However, if you’re not a budding star of the silver screen the good news is that not every video needs to be a talking head, and there’s bound to be someone in your business who sounds presentable!

Content is what matters and there are plenty of software tools that allow you to make genuinely funny tech marketing videos by just plugging a script into the software; Xtranormal being one.

If that’s not for you then why not go completely off at random angle and newsjack an event or time of the year. One of the best we have ever seen is A Special Valentine’s Day Gift…from Cisco! Over 210,000 views and viral for something that must have taken about an hour to produce!

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