In the second part of this blog, Marcel Kay explains how Twitter is no longer the sole domain of Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton and why your company may want to use it at this year’s Electronica.


You will probably want to send a press release to publicise your involvement at an exhibition and will send it by email to the media, but there are other ways now of reaching them as well. However, if you do email then get the subject line right and make the title catchy. If it sounds irrelevant or uninspiring then who’s going to open it, despite your legal and compliance teams having spent a week approving it?


We’ll always email the press release to the media, but how do you get the press release picked up by the media otherwise? Well the answer these days is more often Twitter. Set up a Twitter account for your company then follow the media that are relevant to your industry. They’ll more than likely follow you. You then post a Tweet on the news in your press release and a link to the press release in full that you’ve posted on your website. Media will pick it up and write about it.

If you have product photos then make them at least 360dpi resolution and offer a link to a website such as Flickr and allow the media to download them from this. If it’s a company video or product video then Pinnacle’s advice is to place it on YouTube or Vimeo with a link from the press release. Don’t make them downloadable only by password. The media won’t have the time or energy to access information that’s hard to get.

Before you send out the press release, or if you don’t have any breaking news this year, then why not Tweet some reasons to visit your trade stand?  As Twitter is largely seen as a plaything of the footballer and X-Factor set it is often overlooked.  But with nearly 500 million accounts and around 5% of the world reading Tweets, even if they don’t Tweet themselves, then it is no to be taken lightly. In terms of content, just use the information you’re including in your direct mail campaigns to prospective customers, using on the phone or in the product brochure. Are there certain employees on the stand this year, will there be a product demo, a giveaway or competition, is your company holding a drinks reception? A few messages a week for the month or two leading up to the show will build presence above and beyond what you spend on display stands and plasma screens.

At Pinnacle, we also pre-schedule Tweets. There’s no way you need to be logging in all day Tweeting, so just use or to allow you to pre-schedule your tweets so you can send them anywhere in the world and in any time zone you choose.  Each trade exhibition will have a Hashtag (#) e.g.  #electronica or #electronics.  The hash symbol “#” turns that word into a hyperlink that allows Twitter users to view any recent messages with that same hashtag.  So having the hashtags for your exhibition in your Tweets you’ll be seen by even more potential attendees.  Also, why not have a look at This allows you to be at an exhibition and display on your plasma screen any # words that are trending about your company or the exhibition itself in real time while you are on the booth.