Content marketing – sometimes referred to as ‘value marketing’ – is an approach based on generating and circulating targeted content of sufficient value that it genuinely engages existing and potential customers. Indeed, successful lead generation and nurturing in the digital age mean that a content marketing strategy is essential for today’s business-to-business organisations.
Content Marketing

In essence, content marketing is the practice of entering into dialogue with customers and prospects…without actually selling. With the help of a reputable agency well versed in the practices of content marketing, this is non-disruptive PR at its best. Sure, companies send out information all the time, but most of it is little more than ‘hit and hope’ sales material. However, if the information being offered is of real value, the notion exists that, over time, the reader will reward the information source with business. It is well documented that content makes a large majority of business managers feel closer to the information provider, while most also say content aids more informed product choices.

Modern business dynamics dictate that marketing is nigh impossible without great content that has a genuine influence on its target audience. As a result, most b2b organisations are now deploying or exploring content marketing. Are you?

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