The crowd funding phenomenon has changed the way that support can be garnered for innovative ideas. Through this method, swathes of people, who wouldn’t have otherwise got the opportunity, have become entrepreneurs. There is plenty of competition for financial backers, however, so it is important that you do everything possible to make your project stand out.

In reality you are not going to persuade someone to part with their hard-earned cash if you can’t convince them that your project is a viable one. In order to succeed, you need a carefully orchestrated and well executed marketing strategy. Simply relying on the Kickstarter site to do all the work for you is not going to be enough. A passive approach will mean that your project’s chances of prevailing will be marred. You need to be proactive, and what’s more you need to be prepared.

First of all your Kickstarter landing page needs to be skilfully laid out – it should give a good summary of what your project is all about, covering all the key points and also showing where to go to get further details on specific facets. You need to have a number of different calls to action – as well as encouraging visitors to pledge money, it is also important to get them to share information on your project with their social media connections – with the objective of creating a snowball effect.

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