With so many press releases and case studies ending up online, writing for the press should both catch the eye of editors and be aimed at improving your Google rankings. Writing in the right way will ensure all your output is web-savvy as well as being suitable for use in the printed and online outlets.

First and foremost, two or three bullet points at the top of the page should be deployed to highlight the key facts about the text to follow (this enables the reader to quickly assimilate the benefits). Similarly, it’s imperative that the first 100 words of the body text contain all of the most relevant information, before the story is expanded in subsequent paragraphs.

Without compromising the integrity of the writing, always include two or three specific keywords or phrases in your text, but use keywords sparingly as keyword stuffing as an SEO tactic is ancient history. Make sure that these phrases appear in your bullet points and opening 100 words, as well as the main body text, see www.googlekeywordtool.com . If you’re still unsure as to what people might enter into the search box, check out www.google.com/trends, where you can put likely search strings to the test.

If you want to know how well you’ve done with your SEO efforts, there are web tools that can help. For instance, take a look at www.inboundwriter.com, which will give you a score from 1 to 100. It will even suggest the best terms for your document. The first eight entries per month are free after which you need to pay.

In addition you will want to include images and video as research shows that you can get up to 77% more exposure for your releases when including photos, video and other rich media

Finally, always include a maximum of two or three embedded anchor text links to your website (not the homepage please!), using key phrases as the link text, but don’t over optimise these anchor text links! That’s what Google’s Penguin over optimisation penalty was about! So the odd ‘more information’ link doesn’t go amiss these days, unlike just six months ago!

Want to find out more download Pinnacle’s Perfect Press Release Template.

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