German publisher, Huethig, has combined the resources of its electronics media titles Elektronik Inudstrie, Elektronik Journal, Productronic and Automobile-Elektronik, together with those of the automation magazine, IEE, to create a newly re-structured web site at In addition to the usual mix of news, interviews, product reports and trade articles, the site features video presentations, photo galleries, audio recordings and data sheets. The web site is now the focus of editorial activity and most material is published there in the first instance. Editors of the individual print magazines draw their content from the site, editing it as required.

At the same time, the print offering is being re-structured for 2011. Elektronik Industrie will see a 50% boost in circulation to 30,000 copies per issue and will be published 10 times per annum. Elektronik Journal will be published 5 times, with each issue focused on a particular topic. Topics in 2011 will be embedded, power electronics, services, medical electronics and electromechanics. Circulation will be 20,000 for most issues and 10,000 for the medical issue. Productronic will publish 9 times per annum with a circulation of 10,000 and Autombile-elektronik will publish 11,000 copies 5 times per annum. IEE, described as the magazine for electrical automation and drive technology, will publish 10 times each year to a circulation of 26,000, with an additional 4000 print-run for the SPS show.

For mainstream electronics advertisers, Elektronik Industrie now claims to offer the lowest cost-per-thousand circulation in Germany, based on a page rate of 6,641 Euros. However, it’s the number of readers that the publication attracts that will determine its relative value. It will be some time before we know the answer to that question but this substantial change of direction for Huethig makes sense in an advertising market that continues to move online, even though most German readers still show a strong affinity wth print publications.