Do you get plenty of traffic to your website but not so many enquiries? For our next two blog posts, we’ll be giving you some practical tips you can implement now to improve conversions:

Direct traffic to a relevant landing page. We see many businesses directing traffic to their website’s home page in every advert and hyperlink. Research shows that if a visitor can’t find what they’re looking for within 3 clicks then they go elsewhere; so put that content in front of their noses and make sure your landing page is relevant to the source of your traffic. 

Have a call to action. Your website visitors need to be told what to do. You might have the perfect product and you may even have them hooked on the benefits with some persuasive copy; but unless you provide a call to action, many of your potential customers will simply reach a dead end on your website. Add a button or line of text at the end of your copy that gives a clear instruction and you will be more likely to see your visitors take action.

Give people a reason to take action. The simplest type of call to action is an instruction like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Register Here’. A better one, however, gives people an incentive to act on your instructions. Why not offer a free report or a trial period to encourage sign up to a newsletter? Not everyone will become a buyer straight away, but if you can get their email address and their permission to contact them, they may become a customer later on.

Come back on Monday for Part 2 and more great hints and tips.