The InsideChips website, including its content, site design, registered trademark, domain name, and fully-automated subscription content management system (software license) is for sale. The InsideChips website is for sale. It has over 7,000 content pages and claims to be a well known brand in the semiconductor industry. It has a number of partnerships with other media organizations and trade associations and targets an audience of mid- to corporate-level executives in the electronics industry (chip makers, EDA firms, equipment suppliers, users, distributors) who are in some way interested in startups and the semiconductor industry from a business and marketing viewpoint. The target audience also includes financial organizations, investors and venture capitalists who deal with semiconductor companies. The current analyst/editor, Steve Sziro, been covering the semiconductor space since 1984, starting with a print newsletter called “Semiconductor Industry & Business Survey (SIBS)” and, since 2000, with “InsideChips.” He plans continue to work in the industry focusing on selected consulting and market research projects under his consulting firm HTE Research, Inc. Interested parties or organizations who wish to preview InsideChips must first become a subscriber for at least one month as a way of minimum pre-qualification. Pre-qualified parties can then request additional information under an NDA by contacting [email protected]