While the rivalry between browsers gets stronger each day, the main question we all want answers to is “Which browser is best to use?”

The industry leaders such as Google, Internet Explorer and Firefox are working at alarming rates to make their product the one to use in 2012. Google has been working on new versions of Chrome; Mozilla has been working on improving Firefox whilst Microsoft has taken on a rejuvenated team to do big things with Internet Explorer. 

So which browser should you be using?

Based on market share figures only, published by measurement firm StatCounter, Google Chrome has been predicted to have the biggest market dominance.

The statistics showed that Google Chrome was the only browser to have seen an increase on its market share with a 11.4% increase from 15.6% in January 2011 to 27% by the end of the year. 

On the other hand, both Microsoft and Firefox experienced a drop in their share. Microsoft experienced a 7.4% drop from 46% to 38.6% whilst Firefox fell 4.9% from 30.6% at the beginning of 2011 to 25.7% by December.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Google Chrome will be the best browser for 2012?