Ok so before I start, I am a real Apple fan and ordered the iPhone 4 as soon as it was announced. I got it on the first day and then O2 made me change my existing iPhone contract before they would give me the micro SIM, so now I don’t have unlimited data, but still have to pay the same price. To be honest if I had more time I would challenge that. It seems it is OK for O2 to change an existing contract but not me. Anyway I was drawn by the apparent problem with the aerials for WIFI, GSM and GPS built into the frame, but tried to replicate it and but didn’t happen to me. Although being an engineer could certainly see how wet hands could certainly change the characteristics of the aerials or worse still short them out. However it seems I am too clean cut, an article in Wired magazine shows some research that suggests it only happens to people with dirty hands! How that can be fixed by software is beyond me. It seems that when the things were tested Apple Engineers too had clean hands! Still it is a great phone, just a shame that this is probably what most people will remember about iPhone 4 in a couple of years.