Kasey_Panetta_ECN_GartnerKasey Panetta has announced that she will be leaving ECN and from the update to LinkedIn she is set to join Gartner as a Brand Content Manager. Kasey has been writing for the US based electronic publication for just over 4 years, focusing on diversity in engineering, STEM education, aerospace, drones, as well as anything newsworthy in the rest of the engineering and tech world.

Kasey’s journey at ECN, and Advantage Business Media started in 2012 when she became an associate editor. Since then she has built up a loyal following as well as writing extensively on STEM and women in engineering.  Kasey’s parting article has already bought in a host of comments, some in answer to her final challenge “to mentor a younger engineer—male or female—and teach them about engineering. I challenge you to buy your daughters and nieces blocks and erector sets and encourage them to destroy every clock, electronic, and toy to figure out how it works. I challenge you to be a team leader for a high school robotics team or help a group build a trebuchet for a pumpkin chunkin’ contest. It’s the age of the nerds, man, so I challenge YOU to share with the world why you became an engineer.”

We wish you all the best Kasey, and we echo your challenge.