When it comes to generating marketing leads, many executives will spend a lot of money on activities that yield little or no ROI. Why keep ignoring simple cost-effective ways that can deliver the same results? In many cases, a little creativity can go a long way. Shaun Pinney, blogger at HubSpot,  examines here six original ways of turning existing content into a powerful lead generator. compelling offers can be created from the content that you already have.

“Compelling offers”, write Shaun, “can be created from the content that you already have”.  He is right. These include traditional FAQs, as well as the ‘recycling’ of existing collateral material from shows or exhibition.  Another good source of material is your outbox:  if you respond by email to specific questions from a prospective client, why not turn this info into a Q&A item and post it on your website? Chances are others will find your response useful.  And it might just help your lead generation programme too.