Industry veteran and former sales executive at HP, Agilent, Power Integrations and Cree, Jerry Kolansky, has taken the helm at Lighting Developer to manage its expansion into Germany and China.

Lighting Developer claims to be the industry’s first independent SSL site. Links to Mouser and Future Electronics’ shopping carts, and the Hearst inventory tool enable  Lighting Developer’s distribution partners to provide online ordering and fulfillment.

The parametric search engines are modeled on Embedded Developer’s  device-compare capabilities and are coupled in a design chain so that an engineer can quickly find complete lighting solutions. Separate research tools for LEDs, power sources, optics and tools significantly reduce the time taken to explore a broad and ever-changing set of solutions from the industry’s leading LED and component suppliers.

The architect of the site, and Embedded Developer’s Chief Operating Officer, Bob Smith, said, “The three main goals of lighting developer are to give experienced SSL designers a time saving research tool; to give engineers, new to SSL design, the resources they need to get started; and to allow everyone to see who’s got what in a very dynamic application space”.

Contact Jerry on his Cell: +1 (650) 492-0001, at the Office: +1 (916) 258-3172, or at [email protected].