IMG_20141125_133901When LinkedIn first emerged, it was viewed as little more than an online CV platform that could be used to connect with prospective employers. The network started to spread it’s arms and pushed for greater things. Pushing the idea of pages, and groups, it turned into a professional forum. As membership rose, so did the ambition of the organisation. Looking to create greater depth and longevity, the network introduced its own publishing platform, based upon its acquisition of Pulse.social_linkedin_button_blue

Rather than playing with the popular kids in the playground, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn stands aloof, smartly dressed and unconcerned about the latest cat meme.

The ability to create a niche of its own focusing on the business sector has shown that there is a space in the digital field for an area where you can be professional and talk shop with your peers.

The publishing platform can be viewed as a way to build your own credibility as a professional, and establish yourself as an authority on the subject area of your choice. It can also be used to publish and implement the content you create for your organisation.

This latest addition has turned LinkedIn into an incredible opportunity for B2B marketeers, and there is no reason not to use LinkedIn as part of your PR and content marketing campaigns.

You can publish as much or as little as you would like – it could just be an inspirational quote on some quality photography or a full blown “how to” guide, whatever the case, why not give it a go today.

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