LinkedIn has the potential to boost both business awareness and reputation. By taking advantage of the various personal and group features in LinkedIn, companies and their professional representatives can significantly enhance their visibility.

Aside from maximising your online presence, LinkedIn also provides the opportunity to position yourself as a sector leader, chiefly by delivering top quality content, improving your profile and answering questions in LinkedIn communities.

Of course, all of these exploits are intended to help generate leads. Yes, you can do this by outlining content for download that may be of value to potential profile browsers, but also through simple networking. For instance, if your response to a particular question impresses a potential customer, they are likely to initiate contact. In other words, it gets you introductions.

Accumulating traffic, online CRM and polls/market insight are other big benefits of LinkedIn, which has become one of the most rapidly ascending social media networks of recent times. It is a powerful tool that has become the industry standard for b2b networking. To find out more please download our free e-Book.

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