Energy efficiency has become the buzzword for 2009 (and 2008 for that matter). However, as with any buzzword, corporations will try to manipulate how their figures are presented and appear as green as possible.

To help its readers see through this, Markt & Technik will be launching Energie & Technik. The guide will be published in October for its 113,000 readers.

Its promotional literature states that, “saving energy, renewable energy sources, electric cars, hybrid cars, new batteries, fuel cells – these are keywords one reads and hears of in the media each day. However, what is really connected with these keywords?

“Energie&Technik reports about energy sources – such as solar heat, photovoltaics, wind power and new battery technologies as well as fuel cells and energy harvesting. The new technical medium shows consumers in industries and households how to work in an energy efficiently way.”