Medical and aerospace/defence engineers will be interested to learn that Electronic Specifier has just added two new microsites to its online website covering innovations in these growing industries.

January 2017 saw the launch of the Medical microsite discussing nanomedicine, diagnosis, testing and monitoring, surgical robotics, medical wearables, sensors and genetic engineering.

At the same time, the Aerospace & Defence microsite went live to examine space exploration and astronomy, PPE (personal protection equipment), radar and navigation, components, marine and navy, land vehicles, air force technology, airports and commercial travel.

Electronic Specifier already has four other microsites —  Automotive, Alternative Energy, Wireless and Engineering — and these two new additions are navigable in the same way.

It is good to see two new dedicated sites hosting content addressing technology’s role in the future development of the medical and aerospace/defence markets. We look forward to reading more about how next-generation electronics is contributing towards the development of medicine and disease diagnosis, innovating surgical procedures, protecting armed forces, improving navigation and increasing the speed and efficiency of air travel.

The Electronic Specifier microsite portfolio contains the following:

Aerospace & Defence

Alternative Energy