Not too long ago I wrote a blog post discussing what Editors Want from a Press Pack (you can read the post here) and received quite a few comments in various LinkedIn Groups.

The editors in question all agreed that the most important thing was that press packs should contain recent news (old news is no news after all). However, a few elaborated on some of the points I had and I thought you might find some of them useful.

Mike Richardson, of Aerospace Manufacturing magazine said that while having the press pack on a USB is important, it’s what is on the USB that counts. He reminded me that while a .pdf file may be great for document control, it doesn’t help those looking to copy quotes, or key facts and figures, from the release. There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend time cutting out the superfluous line breaks that occur when .pdf text is copied into an MS Word file!

He also mentioned that he would like good quality, high-resolution images in .jpeg format in addition to any lower resolution images that may be more suitable for blog posts etc.

Ian Grant, Kadium Publishing’s deputy editor said he would go further. Requesting that all formatting be removed by also providing the text in a .txt file. While this format won’t enable a company to include its logo on the file header, or embed images, offering it as an extra option may make life easier for editors and journalists wanting to upload the release to blog sites that can get confused by some of MS Word’s formatting codes.

He also specified that, in particular, he would like to see well lit, in-focus images with a resolution of at least 300dpi, in a 12x8cm print size.

Andy Pye said he likes it when show organisers put all the press releases on a single USB stick, like IFSEC, and when they have a press office that allows editors to conduct interviews there rather than having to traipse from stand to stand.

But enough of the details.

The resounding message I heard was that if you’ve got news that editors and journalists want to cover– make it easy for them to do so. Provide them with a range of image resolutions. Provide them with text in a range of formats.

But most importantly of all, make sure its news their readers will want to hear about!

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