Should more evidence be needed that the engineering communities continue to embrace the social media and digital world then look no further that the PR Week survey of the top 50 digital agencies. Or, more specifically, the fact that Pinnacle Marketing is now at number 26 in the rankings.

This leap of eleven places is due to the growth of the agency’s social media, SEO and online business – all of which comes exclusively from the electronic and industrial engineering sectors. Indeed, based on the survey we can now confidently say that we are the leading digital agency for these industries.

What’s behind this growth is that engineers and technical audiences are spending more time online in their day-to-day jobs. So, whether its driving web traffic through organic search rankings, maximising the ROI of digital media opportunities, or engaging in online conversations with customers and prospects, a digital strategy is becoming an essential element of the marketing communication mix for technology companies.

However, as many companies don’t have the internal resource to support often time-consuming digital campaigns, they need to engage with an external agency. And to ensure successful campaigns that agency needs to (like Pinnacle) not only have a digital services portfolio, but also have an in–depth understanding of its clients’ technologies, applications and target markets.