PMN understands from a number of its contacts that Nikkei’s English language edition will produce its last edition before the end of the year.

The publication was written by a team of writers in Hong Kong, all of whom will be made redundant.

PMN also understands that, for now, Nikkei’s Korean and Taiwanese editions will continue to be published.

Running since 1971, Nikkei was amongst a select group of publications held in the highest regards by many in the Asian and global electronics industry and the parent company printed its 1000th issue earlier this year.

In May, when this landmark was reached, the journal’s editor in chief, Yasuo Tanokura, wrote a company note highlighting the challenges ahead, “I believe that we are entering an age where the boundaries of individual technologies will become blurred as they merge together in complex ways and the pace of development and sophistication of the various technologies will only increase in speed. These changes will undoubtedly require even greater adaptability on the part of electronics specialists.”

He went on to say, “Many electronics manufacturers and other companies around the world are facing particularly difficult times as a result of the financial crisis which began in the US in the latter half of 2008. The situation at present is less than cheery, but looking at the last few years in the electronics industry, it is clear that the role of electronics specialists is expanding significantly, especially in areas such as new energy sources, medical and healthcare, and the automotive industry. Technology knows no limits.”