A note has been passed to Publitek Media News stating the PCB West convention is seeking abstracts for its three day technical conference.

The event, which takes place during September, in Santa Clara seeks papers on a wide range of topics with RF an microwave design topping its list. The full list of desired papers for the conference is:

RF and microwave design; high speed, high frequency and signal integrity; component placement; EMI/EMC analysis; thermal analysis; lead-free processes (especially how they affect design and fabrication); environmental legislation (REACH, RoHS, etc.) and its effects; packaging design; mixed-signal design; area arrays; FPGA design and implementation; embedded passives and active devices; flexible circuitry; HDI design and technologies; PCB design/layout basics; component library creation and management; design for manufacture, test and assembly; design (including analog, digital and power supplies); PCB fabrication; surface finishes; industry forecasts, and business and supply chain issues.

The organisers have requested that papers and presentations are noncommercial in nature and focus on technology, techniques or methodology. Abstracts of 300 words or less should be submitted to conference co-chairs Pete Waddell or Mike Buetow by May 1.

If selected, final papers and presentations will be due July 9, 2010.