Matt Cutts has said that Penguin 2.0 will be “jarring and jolting!” (some commentators say it has already been implemented and that nothing actually happened). And that, of course, is on top of the 17 Panda content updates and Penguin 1.0, as we should now call it.

In addition there was the exact match URL update, which makes urls less important for SEO (although a good URL still has the advantage of being very easy to remember), as well as around 500  other changes to the algorithm in 2012!

The fact is that Google is constantly ‘perfecting’ its algorithm to deliver the best results for ‘people’ – but the thing to remember is that whatever it does two things will never change:

  • Long tail keywords
    • Although broad keywords might get you traffic, achieving and maintaining good rankings can be hard work. Longer tail keywords are generally easier to rank for and you are far more likely to get sales from them. Not only that, almost every analysis shows that most sales come from less than 5% of your keywords. So pick industry-relevant keywords and get to work!
  • Great content
    • The amazing thing is that none of our clients have really been hit by all these updates. Why is that? It’s actually quite simple! The reason Google is making all these changes is so that a person reading the website sees more relevant results. So if the content you produce is deeply technical, well written and of value then not only do your customers and prospects love it so does Google! Hence, as a group of engineers producing quality content for clients all these Google changes have done is to boost ranking results! One client saw a 40% increase in daily traffic (over 4,000 extra visitors a day) – and all for targeted, relevant keywords!

So will the changes continue? Yes. Should you be worried that your web traffic might suddenly drop off a ranking cliff? Well not if are producing great, sharable technical content. And if you’re are not doing that, employ someone to do it for you!

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