The way in which information is sourced for B2B purchasing has evolved. Alongside traditional routes, such as print magazines and trade shows, there are now of course a vast array of online platforms and social media channels. Access to greater quantities of information via the Internet has radically changed the way that buying cycles are carried out, with them becoming much more dependent on prospective customers doing their own research before making decisions, rather than having direct contact with the vendor. Marketing professionals are thus presented with many challenges. They have to find the best ways by which to engage with their target audience and close the gap that has now developed between sales staff and potential buyers. To compound the problem further, this needs to be done while maximising the effectiveness of their limited resources, being aware of possible gaps in their skillset and respecting budgetary constraints. They also need to be able to accurately quantify the return on their investment made. The following video from Pinnacle Marketing discusses these points and shows how the generation, dissemination and re-purposing of high quality content is key to addressing these issues.

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