Pinterest capitalizes on the public’s love of sharing and collecting, allowing people to pin, save web images onto their own online boards and repin other pinners’ pins. According to Shareaholic’s web traffic statistics, Pinterest now refers more traffic than Google, Yahoo and Twitter making it an attractive ecommerce, marketing and PR tool.

Engineering and technology PR has been slow to pick up the pinning bug however. This maybe because of the female demographic of Pinterest users and the perception of the kind of content, Pinners like to pin; fashion, design, travel, crafts and uplifting quotes with pretty pastel coloured typography.

So how can engineering and electronics companies, and technical PR agencies, make use of Pinterest?

Generate traffic to news and product pages

Pinterest provides a direct link via pinned mages to the source of those images. If you pin images from your news and product pages the links back will boost search engine ranking as well as referring traffic to your latest promotions and important news.

Engage potential clients

Provide amazing and interesting images on your site that people will want to pin and share and add the Pinterest share button to your site. This will allow people to build their own catalogues of wished for products or moodboards of interesting technology.  Use your smartphone to photograph and share your own photographs on Pinterest. If you do not have access to product images or your product or service is not very visual, use quotations and typography. These are incredibly successful on Pinterest. There are several sites that allow you to produce Pinterest quotations and images online. without the need of a photographer or designer.

Product research

Keep an eye on what clients want and what your competition is up to by following relevant pinboards. Boards are easy to find as they are categorized and searchable. It will give you ideas of the most effective ways to present or package your product and show what is important to your users or clients.


If you sell online, use Pinterest as another shop window of dynamic display ads that link directly to that product’s sales page.

Brand awareness

Present your brand’s identity and ethos as well as its position in the sector by pinning images that capture your brand view. If part of your brand’s identity is innovation, then pin interesting, innovative designs, inventions, architecture etc. If an element of your brand identity is geographic, pin photos of your town or region. Show your staff and clients’ interests to give an indication of your brands’ personality.

Engineering and technology companies on Pinterest

For an idea of how to make the most of Pinterest for the engineering an technology sector it is worth checking out these accounts. Dyson and Sony know how to make the most of Pinterest, exploiting it for sales, research and building or consolidating brand awareness, while engaging with a wide audience. They repin others posts, sharing and commenting with enthusiasm on a wide variety of pinned media. They demonstrate the kind of generosity and enthusiasm that other pinners appreciate.

For more inspiration on Pinterest marketing, check out this board or contact Publitek to build a presence on Pinterest.